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Benefits of Cocopeat

As an excellent soil conditioner, with the ability to retain moisture several times its volume, CocoPeat is used in the growth of plants. It has high oxygenation properties which help for strong, healthy root growth and contains air porosity which contributes to increasing its vigour. Moreover, it can retain and release nutrients in solution over an extended period, thereby minimise plant loss.


Why Us?

We are a well reputed Cocopeat Manufacturing and Supplying company in Sri Lanka, with more than two decades of experience in the cocopeat industry. Our dedicated staffs who strictly adhere throughout every stage of the production process will ensure you that our products are of high calibre and productive quality. Moreover, we are ISO 9001: 2008 certified & G.M.P Certified Company. Even though our cocopeat raw materials come from our plantations; we use special quality assurance process when purchasing raw material from other providers. Many of our clients are cocopeat importers and our excellent customer base has continued to be our clients, because of the supportive assistance you would get from our team. We also have an expert team specialised in hydraulic, electric and mechanical engineering with an experienced workforce of more than 25 years and effective machines for the production process.







We Are The Innovators In Cocopeat Business

Established in 1992, CONSARC is in the business of manufacturing and supplying naturally biodegradable erosion controllable soil substitutes. A Sri Lankan company with expertise for more two-decade that uses state-of-art machinery, pioneering spirit, expertise and research-based innovation with versatile Sri Lanka coconut, and develop, produce and export an extraordinary and compressive product.

We Deliver Worldwide

Our product is available to you wherever you are. Our expert team would ensure you get the product to your product promptly without much hassle. The successful business relationship we have been having with our overseas clients has helped us to improve our delivery service to the foreign customer drastically. Furthermore, we will offer you technical and customer service support throughout our partnership.

As first step to make sure the perfect product quality standards we maintain company own drying yards and own chain of material suppliers who supply standards quality materials. And drying yards are regularly visited and inspected by the company's quality supervisors. We are capable for producing our own inbuilt machines ensuring maximum output. We have an expert team specialized in hydraulic, electric and mechanical engineering.

Our Strengths